After Nature

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Plant 1 Vital Signs: Papaver rhoeas (more data)

Plant ECG and Soil Moisture Levels

 Plant ECG [mV]      Soil Moisture [%]      Light [aU]

After Nature is based on the latest research in biology, showing that plants respond to different outside factors like stress and shortages in water. Plants communicate with a great variety of symbiotic partners above and below ground. Their constant monitoring of signals of biotic origin as well as abiotic environmental influences allows plants to generate appropriate response behaviors. These communication processes are primarily sign-mediated interactions and not simply an exchange of information.

They involve the active coordination and active organization of a great variety of different behavioral patterns that are mediated by signs. In light of these studies, we are developing different technological applications that will monitor these interactions, record them and use software interfaces that will verbally inform visitors of current signals, environmental influences and stress symptoms.

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