Timeline 01

Timeline 01

Adirondacks Mountains. 2009. Digital C print. Edition of 6: (2) 150 x 190 cm, (2) 100 x 130 cm, (2) 70 x 90 cm. Diasec, face in mount on 3 mm nonreflective gallery Plexi, Dibond backing and back brace.


A chaser spot follows Lori Crowningshield, a professional ice climber seizing an frozen waterfall at night.The black surroundings do not reveal the topographie of the ice wall.The chaser spot at times follow and sometimes guides the climber and navigates her to the top. The film negative records this process on a light sensitive emulsion. The topograhy of the ice is in focus, the climber moving over a exposure time of 9 min creates a swosh on the photo. Where she stays longer the outline of her body is more traceable, where she climbs faster traces of here impact almost vanish.

© 2019, Mathias Kessler